Suite Life

Make your dream a reality with the Suites™ by Radiance.

the Suites™ by Radiance provides handcrafted suites for hair, body, and wellness. Here at the Suites™, You can turn your dreams into a reality by giving your business a home. the Suites™ provides complementary craftsmanship and gives you full creative freedom while building your suite. You will receive all of the necessary construction work needed to build and maintain your suite.

Being a provider at the Suites™ means gaining a network of other small business owners, especially in hair, body, and wellness industries. With the opportunity to network with other small business owners, having your own business at the Suites™ will give you a community feel, while still being private and independent. You and your business will be safe at The Suites™ with a 24 hour access key fob and security system.

Take control and enjoy the freedom of being your own boss! Set your own schedule, create a beautiful work environment, and increase your earnings at the Suites™.


Suite Pricing

Single Suite

120-135 square feet) $199 per week.

With Belvedere styling station (120-135 square feet) $229 per week

Double Suite

(190-210 square feet) $349 per week

With two Belvedere styling stations $409 per week


Suite Consolidations

(Combining two single suites, 240-270 square feet) $400+ per week

With two Belvedere styling stations $460 per week

Complementary/Included Expenses




Utilities (Electrical, heating/air conditioning, water, etc.)


Suite customization (Wall paper, painting, lighting installation, electrical, cabinetry assembly, plumbing, etc.)






24 hour access key fob

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